The Bird-Flu – Is it the Coming Pandemic, or just a lot of Hype?

I realise that the Bird-Flu virus/pandemic is a mouth watering subject for any one, as a potential global conspiracy.

The said conspiracy could originate from various Governments, commercial interests- including of course The Donald Rumsfeld connection:) and all kind of other evil sources.

On the other hand the the threat from the virus could well be real.

I have been keeping an eye of the actual real events, related to the outbreaks of this virus, for just over three years now.

All I can tell you for certain, is that the virus seems to be slowly but surely creeping from the East (from China where it apparently originated from-why do most of these viruses seem to start up in China?) to the West.

Also, each year,  the number of the human infections and fatalities is much higher than the year before.

Mind you, the total numbers of human infections and deaths resulting from H5N1 are still relatively very small.

There has been a lot of research in to the virus around the world and in fact today, there are two IMPORTANT news items related to this subject.

The first relates to the discovery of the fact that different versions of H5N1 infect humans in a different way.Vogelgrippe – Virus

The second news item is regarding a disappointing discovery, that disabling the body’s destructive immune-system overreaction to the H5N1 avian influenza virus, known as “cytokine storm,” would NOT lead to new lifesaving treatments. 

Credit for gathering these two news items, goes as usual, to

So I hope that we can all look at this serious potential problem with an OPEN mind and not give in to the panic mongers or indeed to the pushers of the global conspiracy theories!


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