Houseflies can bring you the Bird-Flu!

Of all the Gods creatures on Earth, the houseflies are not only the most annoying, but also, seem to serve no useful purpose as to their existence.

Accept that is, as a test for the patience of Mankind.

In my uncharitable moods, I have thought darkly about the possibility of looking for some kind of a way to removing this entire species from the face of this planet.

These feelings are of course always followed by guilt associated with such thoughts and I always spend a few minutes trying to find good reasons for the houseflies sharing this planet with us.

Now it seems that my thoughts about these pests were not as evil as I had thought and that the houseflies could well be one of the alternative horsemen of the Apocalypse!

Research conducted at North Carolina State University in the US shows that these houseflies can indeed transmit the avian influenza – A (H5N1) virus .

According to the researchers, “more than one-third of the adult Musca domestica sampled contained AI virus particles”.

Led by Wes Dawson and James Guy, the researchers said adult flies carried an infectious dose in their gut for more than three hours after feeding. “This might be important for spread of the virus when fly populations are high and in contact with highly virulent strains,” they explained.

They explained that the hazards are focused on housefly feeding or sucking up liquid from putrefying food and feaces supporting high concentrations of pathogen.

Here is a link to the news item from World Poultry:


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