The Brits Ban French Pigeon Racing. Tour de France will still go on though!

The Brits Ban French Pigeon Racing. Tour de France will still go on though!

International pigeon racing from continental Europe to Britain has been banned after H5N1 was discovered in wild birds in France, Chief Veterinary Officer Debby Reynolds from the Environment Agency said. Domestic racing will be allowed to continue, she said.But racing from continental mainland Europe, including the Channel Islands, has been banned as a precautionary measure.


Ms Reynolds, who is not a relation of the famous Hollywood actress, said: “Given the current period of uncertainty about avian influenza in Europe and the possibility that further spread may occur, a precautionary approach is being taken based on ornithological and veterinary advice.”

France confirmed on Thursday that three swans found dead in eastern France had been killed by the H5N1 bird flu virus.

It is believed however that Tour de France, the famous cycle race, which is expected to start its first lap from the UK on Sunday the 8th of July 2007, will still be allowed to go on as planned.

Here is a link to the news item from Javno:


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