FAF Keeping the nightmare of Bird-Flu alive – British Medical Journal

Tony Delamothe, the deputy editor of the British Medical Journal (helping doctors make better decisions) is an honorable man.

He does not, I believe, wish to create a false sense of complacency in the minds of the public and more importantly in the minds of the various Governments around the world. (it takes very little, for the authorities to find alternative uses for any funds earmarked for the prevention and/or management of any Bird-flu outbreaks!)

So it was a bit strange to see the article in the esteemed British Medical Journal, discussing the “small group of people” those who promote avian flu as something that remains an urgent concern, working assiduously at “keeping the nightmare alive”.

Here is an excerpt:

“Somewhere, I imagine, there’s a small group of people proud to be counted among the Friends of Avian Flu, or FAF for short.

I suspect they have a catchy mission statement, such as “Keeping the nightmare alive,” and lapel badges of vaguely bird-like shape.

Their challenge is to keep bird flu forever in the public eye. This should be getting harder, as influenza H5N1 is proving particularly resistant to undergoing the killer mutation that would allow efficient human to human transmission of the virus. Ten years after the strain first appeared in humans, it has killed just 191 people.”

I was going to say to Mr Delamothe that the point is that H5N1 is a Bird virus and is NOT supposed to be killing any people. Not even a single human being should be killed by a Bird virus. I was then going to show the slow but steady growth of the number of victims and the spread of the virus over the last few years from the east to the West.

I was going to remind him that it is the very public concern for the growing number of the Bird-Flu outbreaks, that has started to see better practices of managing poultry at the Poultry Factory Farms.

There was a lot more I was going to point out to Mr Delamothe.

However, with the outbreaks of the H5N1 virus in Germany and France this week, in addition to many other countries that have been afflicted with the Bird-Flu virus for some time now, there does not seem to be any need for any one to argue this point with Mr Delamothe.

I would like to ask Mr Tony Delamothe only this.

In view of the events this week, can he guaranty that avian flu is something that DOES NOT remain an urgent concern?

If not, then I wonder if he has the courage to apologise for his remarks in that article in the British Medical Journal now.

How about it Mr Delamothe?

By the way, speaking of- helping doctors make better decisions- I personally recall the roll of the BMJ and the Medical Establishment, in keeping the sales of the vastly expensive peptic ulcers medicines, going for years after Drs Marshall and Warren showed that the cause of the disease was a bacterium that lived in stomachs and that the disease could be cured with simple inexpensive antibiotics.

I remember all kinds of articles all over the place by “experts”, dismissing the notion outright that a living organism could survive in such a hostile environment as the stomach. The stomach juices are so acidic, they said, that no living organism could survive in such a hostile environment! 

Here is the full article from the British Medical Journal, which is of course, always- helping doctors make better decisions.



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