Massacre of Wild Birds no solution to Bird-Flu – Avian Flu Task Force Summit.

Massacre of Wild Birds no solution to Bird-Flu – Avian Flu Task Force Summit

It apparently took more than 30 experts, from 19 countries, to come to the conclusion, that culls of wild birds are not an answer to the outbreaks of avian flu.

You would think that the above was obvious to every one, considering that:

1. It is not practical, or even possible to “cull” the entire population of wild birds suspected of carrying the H5N1 virus.

2. Since the H5N1 virus has also been found in all kinds of mammals (in Rats, Pigs, Goats and even Tigers!) the concept of culling-our-way-out of the bird-flu problem is deeply flawed.  

So it came to pass, that during a “Summit” (I love these Bird-Flu summits, popping up every where now!) held this week in Aviemore, by the Avian Flu Task Force under the UN international convention on migratory species, expert scientists from 19 countries, condemned culls of wild birds as a way of tackling outbreaks of avian flu.

The scientists said, that while wild birds have been infected in some cases, domestic birds, the poultry industry and the trade in live and dead poultry hold the key roles in limiting any spread of the disease in future.

The scientists reminded us all, that indiscriminate culling of wild birds is contrary to the recommendations of many international organisations and intergovernmental conservation treaties.

They warned that the attempts to eliminate avian flu in wild bird populations through culls, may exacerbate the problem by causing further dispersion of infected birds.

Here is a link to the above news item in The Scotsman:


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  1. If the wild birds were culled what would eat the bugs that are now consumed by these birds now? In areas where a major percentage of the birds have died will there be an upset in nature that no one has thought about?

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