Vietnam spending Millions of Dollars for Bird-Flu-free status.

Vietnam was one of the first countries to be infested with the Bird-Flu virus. There were 3 human Bird-Flu fatalities Back in 2003, followed by 20 deaths in 2004 and 19 deaths resulting from the H5N1 virus in 2005.

During the entire 2006 however, there were no human fatalities, even though there were at least 4 cases of human infection of the virus.

Vietnam was praised around the world for its apparent victory over the H5N1 virus and was held out as a model for other countries in the region to follow.

The year 2007 brought the Bird-Flu back in Vietnam with one human fatality and a growing number of the cases of human infection.

The country is fighting hard to contain the virus and has spent 125 billion VND (US$7.8 million) this year on vaccines against bird flu, according to Bui Quang Anh, Head of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

A summer outbreak of bird flu in Germany was confirmed Tuesday to have spread to a second state, with three swans killed by the deadly form of avian influenza in a small town close to Leipzig.

The MARD has also warned provinces of the high risk of outbreaks in July, especially around the Mekong delta.

MARD Deputy Minister Bui Ba Bong urged relevant agencies to focus on water fowl and work on immediate plans to vaccinate newly-hatched ducks in a bid to tighten control over the spread of infection.

It is surprising therefore that after going through all of the above, the Vietnamese Authorities are still trying to declare some of it’s provinces Bird-Flu-Free, simply because there have not been any further infections for a few weeks!

You would think that the powers-that-be in Vietnam, one of the first Bird-Flu infested countries in the world, would know better. 

Here is a news item related to the above from Bernama:


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