A new Bird-Flu victim in Bird-Flu-Free Vietnam?

A man from Bac Lieu province has been hospitalized with symptoms of bird flu after cooking and eating a duck which had died allegedly of bird flu.  

What Are Symptoms Of Bird FluThe 40-year-old man, who is now in the Tropical Disease Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, has been suffering from severe respiratory problems in the last few days.

He works for a farmer named Tran Van Thong who raises 350 ducklings, some of which died recently.

The province’s animal health authorities said three flocks of ducks in Bac Lieu’s Hong Dan district had died in the last few days with bird flu symptoms.They had been raised in the neighboring Soc Trang province. The man and the dead ducks are being tested for the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

This is at a time when the authourities in Vietnam are trying to declare as many of the provinces of Vietnam Bird-Flu-Free as they can!

Four provinces in Vietnam (Outbreaks hit poultry in 16 provinces) have reported no new outbreaks for over three weeks and are thus considered free of the disease.

It is suggested by some that the panic to declare the country “Partially” Bird-Flu-Free is due to the commercial pressures from the Tuorism and the Poultry Export Iindustries.

In fact, the Head of the Vietnam’s Veterinary Department, of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Bui Quang Anh, has warned of the possibility of bird flu reoccurring in H5N1 virus-free localities.

At the conference of the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Prevention and Control on June 26, Anh said the spread of the disease is in a tenuous situation in some localities such as Hai Phong city, and Bac Giang and Thai Binh northern provinces.

“The very concept of any country (let alone a country right in the middle of the most effected Bird-Flu region in the world) declaring itself free from any infection of the H5N1 virus is ludecrous” say the critics of this policy.

“How can the athourities know that there is NO infection in the wild population of the birds and even mammels such as cats, pigs, dogs and more?” they ask.

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