Dangerous Bird-Flu Virus kills Bohemian turkeys.

Turkeys at the farm in Zalsi, east Bohemia, have been killed by the most pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus that is dangerous to man, tests in the National Reference Laboratory in Prague have shown, the State Veterinary Administration said

This is the Czech Republic’s first case in which bred poultry has been infected with bird flu.

The first turkeys started to die on Sunday.

The farm has been closed and all animals will be liquidated. Clean-up and disinfection will follow.

Veterinaries will mark three- and ten-kilometre zones from the incidence site in which strict measures will be applied.

Zalsi farm chairman Frantisek Bartos told journalists today that the turkeys have not been delivered to the retail network yet.

“We would have sold them in one and a half months when they would have weighed 18 kilograms. Now they weigh ten kilograms,” he said.

The first bird flu case in the country was uncovered in March 2006. Since then another 13 cases have been registered, always in swans living in the wild. All of them were infected with H5N1 virus.

Here is the link to Ceskenoviny CZ News:  http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/news/index_view.php?id=258674


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