UNICEF distributes Soap to Indonesians in “Bird-Flu Prevention kits”!!!

Do you want to know, how the Billions of Dollars given to the “Global Agencies” (mostly by the USA) simply disappear?

Do you want to know as to why after more than Five Decades of International efforts by the United Nations, almost no dent has been made in to the real poverty around the world?

Do you want to know as to why in the 21st century, their are millions and millions of uneducated and malnourished children all over the world?

Well here is a good example of huge waste of money and efforts:

100,000 “Bird-Flu Prevention kits” to be distributed by UNICEF!

The lucky residents of GARUT, West Java, Indonesia (a few hours drive from the capital Jakarta) were the first people in Indonesia to receive thousands of “Bird-Flu Prevention kits”.

The “Bird-Flu Prevention kits” contain masks, gloves and soap – as well as street banners, an instructional booklet and video compact discs with short films explaining how to prevent and control avian influenza.

Thanks to the clever UNICEF people the revolutionary “Bird-Flu Prevention kits” are a new weapon in the fight against bird flu!

So the arrival of SOAP along with street banners in rural Garut is going to mark the start of a new round in that fight.

“We are going to make sure that community members properly utilize the kits to help them contain the spread of bird flu in this district, and hopefully get rid of the virus in the district, too,” said Garut’s senior health administrator.

The kit is a UNICEF initiative supported by the Indonesian National Committee for Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Preparedness, along with the Government of Japan.  UNICEF plans to distribute a total of 100,000 kits to villages across Java and South Sulewesi.

There was no information available on the supplier of these revolutionary “Bird-Flu Prevention kits”!

Here is a link to the UNICEF site with the above mentioned news item:



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