Do we really know the Bird-Flu situation in Indonesia?


As a fall out from the on going “negotiations” for the Human H5N1 tissue samples between the WHO and Indonesia, we now know even less of what is really going on in that country.

Every other day, right out of the blue, there is news of yet another person, who apparently  had been “ infected with bird flu and died a day after being admitted to hospital ”    

What in Gods name is going on?

How many of these potential instant fatalities are out there in that unfortunate disaster prone country?

We hope that the Indonesian powers-that-be will understand that we are all on their side (we have no choice really!!!) and can only help if they will open up and let the rest of the world in as to the extent of the problem that exits over there.

Here is a news item from the Jakarta Post with the story about another of such “Instant Fatality” of the Bird Flu virus:

Bird flu may have claimed another victim National News – Sunday, June 03, 2007

INDONESIA: A child thought to have been infected with bird flu died Friday, a day after being admitted to hospital in Medan, North Sumatra, an official said Saturday.The 11-year-old boy from Asahan regency passed away at Adam Malik hospital. The hospital’s deputy director, Nur Rasyid Lubis, said the child was treated for one day at a clinic in Indrapura district before being taken to the hospital after displaying symptoms similar to those of bird flu.

He said the victim was in poor health when he arrived at the hospital, giving the team of doctors little chance to save his life.

He said it is likely the boy died after being infected with the H5N1 virus. Aside from displaying the symptoms of bird flu, the victim also had contact with fowl.

“The child’s death, clinically, is likely to have been caused by bird flu. But we are still waiting for blood test results from the Health Ministry’s lab,” he told The Jakarta Post .

This week bird flu claimed another two lives in the Central Java towns of Grobogan and Kendal, taking the country’s human toll to 79, the highest in the world. — JP


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