Contraband Bird Flu Anti-viral Drugs???

Than Htike Oo, writing for Mizzima News, (they specialize in Burma-Related News) reports that Bird Flu Anti-viral drugs worth 20 million Thai baht, were seized from a Burmese national on the Thai-Burmese border check point in Mae Sai on Wednesday (today)!


While the Burmese national was briefly arrested and later released at about 2 p.m. (local time), the anti-viral drugs were seized, an official at the Mae Sai customs department told Mizzima.

“Luckily we got him on the bridge. If he had crossed the bridge he would have been fined,” the official, who wished to remain anonymous said.

The official confirmed that the Burmese national, aged about 26, was entering Thailand with a legal permit and was in possession of about 20 million baht worth of anti-viral drugs, a medicine to treat the deadly H5N1 disease.

Thai medicine experts have prohibited the use of the recently introduced anti-viral drugs as they are still uncertain of its side effects and have warned that the use of the drug may cause the virus to become a human transmittable disease.

However, there are reports that Vietnam and China are using the drugs to treat bird flu.


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