Royal Honour for “Bird-Flu Barnard Matthews”???

There has been universal condemnation of the planned pay out of almost £600,000 to Barnard Matthews, the infamous British Turkey Factory Farm owner, who is said to have been responsible for the first ever Bird Flu outbreak in the UK domestic poultry.

We would like to ask the powers-that-be in Great Britain, another question regarding the sorry Bernard Matthews Bird-Flu affair.

Just days after the Bird-Flu was discovered in his “Turkey Factory Farm”, Barnard Matthews was to be presented at the Buckingham Palace, to receive an official Honour (Sir Barnard?) from the Queen.

In the light of the disaster at his Turkey Factory Farm, the said Honour was “postponed”.

matthbWe would all like to know if the Bootifull Bird-Flu Barnard will receive, in addition to the £600,000, a Royal honour as the Best of the Brits?


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