Bird-Flu, now in an American Turkey “Farm”!!!

knocking softly at America’s door?

A strain of the H5N1, Bird-Flu virus, different from the one that has been killing birds and humans in Asia and Africa, has been found in a turkey farm in West Virginia.

Even though this has resulted in the killing of 25,000 West Virginia turkeys, the public has been told not to worry!

“People should not be worried,” said Buddy Davidson, a spokesman for the state Agriculture Department. “This should not

 affect the average person at all.”

 Recently a virulent strain of the Bird Flu virus had been discovered at the now infamous Barnard Matthews Turkey Factory farm in England.

I am sure that we all want to know,  if the conditions in the turkey farm in West Virginia, are as bad as were found at the Barnard Matthews Turkey Factory farm in England.


What kind of a “farm is it?   Is it really a farm?

Or is the word “farm” being used to describe a windowless shed, where the unfortunate turkeys spend all of their wretched lives in unnatural cramped conditions without ever seeing the light of the day?

Experts agree that the H5N1 virus is much more likely to mutate within domestic poultry under such “factory farm” conditions than it is in the wild bird population.

Here is a link to a report by AP via Via KSBW Channel:


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