Bird-Flu vaccine that no one wants???

We have recently had a major international tussle between the WHO and the Indonesian Government regarding the possible manufacture of a vaccine for the H5N1 virus.There has been a continuing effort from the commercial companies around the world to come up with effective vaccine for the H5N1 virus.

The recent problems with the Tamiflu reported in Japan has made the creation of an alternative vaccine even more urgent.

So then why is it that even though there has apparently been an effective and inexpensive vaccine against the H5N1 since July of this year, yet there has been no interest shown by the world medical community in this product?

The said vaccine has been developed by the HSADL, (High Security Animal Disease Laboratory) a research institute based in Bhopal, India.

HSADL, which has the technique for identifying the avian influenza virus among poultry, tested thousands of bird samples, including droppings of migratory birds. It had conducted the tests for the H5N1 variant of bird flu and had isolated 48 virus strains from more than 80,000 bird samples during its vaccine trials.

The cost of the vaccine has been worked out at 27 paise per dose. It is expected to go up to 35 paise (A VERY small fraction of the cost of Tamiflu) including the trader’s profit and cost of transportation.

As reported by the World Poultry Magazine, the HSADL joint director H.K. Pradhan said: “The vaccine can be used immediately after a bird flu outbreak to control the spread of the virus as well as for vaccination in anticipation of an outbreak.

“The immune response is good and the protection offered by the vaccine has been found to be above 90%. The protection should last up to six months for hens. For a broiler it needs to be administered only once,” he added.

The point is that the H5N1 vaccine was developed back in July 2006, and since then but no drug manufacturing company has contacted the lab to buy either the preserved doses or the formula for commercial use!!!

What is going on?

Is the vaccine not fit for the purpose?

Is it too cheap and since no one will be able to make any profit from selling it, so no one one wants to distribute the vaccine?

Why is it that no one wants to use this apparently cheap and effective vaccine against the bird-flu virus????????



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