Bird-Flu in Bangladesh Fast Food????

I guess that it is not really surprising that some people in Bangladesh would try and make a quick Taka (a buck to you) by selling poultry that is said to be infected with the Bird Flu virus.

The Weekly Blitz from Bangladesh reports that  some unscrupulous businessmen and poultry farm owners are selling Bird Flu infected Chickens to various fast food shops and bakeries in
Bangladesh at a through away price. Most of the fast food shops, including some famous international chains are buying these infected chickens at one twentieth prices!

Talking to Weekly Blitz, a (member of the) staff with a famous fried chicken outlet in city’s Gulshan area disclosed on anonymity that owners of such establishments are buying large number of suspected chicken at the rate of TK 10-15 each and storing these in their freezers in order to meet the requirement for several months. The staff said, generally in normal situation, price of such chicken ranges between TK. 110-150 each.

For the full article from The Weekly Blitz  go to


One Response

  1. I think that the story of bird flue is an imaginative message.Do The reporter think that all of the first businessnan corrupted like poltician? just bird flu has hit Bangladesh. The Government stricktly prohibitted to carry all kinds of chiken over the affected area.So It’s not possible to collect bird flue affected chiken from the specific’s fully wrong idea.

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