Bird-Flu Panic in Tripura

The state of Tripura is in the north east corner of India.

It’s Himalayan range of mountains are covered with vast forests and many unexplored areas.

Tripura is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. 

However, I guess as a karmic balance to all the above, Tripura also shares a border with Bangladesh.

So not only is Tripura on the migrating route for a large number of wild birds, but also it now has a H5N1 infected neighbour! 

What is more, Tripura imports large quantities of poultry from Bangladesh!!

No wonder there is a bit of a panic going on in the state of Tripura.

So much so that as many as 266 trained ARD assistants (Animal Resource Development departments) will be given the duty of vigilance across the border. 

Err.. 266 “trained ARD assistants” are there to stop the Bird Flu from entering into Tripura, across thousands of Kilometers of partially unexplored Himalayan territory.

Tripura residents should have no worries then??? 

Here is an article from Medindia:

Bangladesh has proved an unlucky neighbor for Tripura, as the northeastern state of India which borders it, is under bird flu alert.

Bird flu in Bangladesh has proved a fear factor as not only is it in close proximity to Tripura, the state also imports chicks and eggs from Bangladesh.

In the wake of the scare, the Family Welfare Preventive Medicine and the Animal Resource Development departments have jointly taken all possible steps to tackle avian flu. This is according to ARD director Narayan Chandra Das.

The state has been asked to take precautionary measures by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry.

A total of 266 trained ARD assistants will be given the duty of vigilance across the border.



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