WHO and the Ancient Bird Flu news.

All over the media today, we have the news about the Egyptian boy infected by the H5N1 virus bringing the tally of infected Egyptians to 26.

The above is not a rumor but a statement from the Egyptian Health Ministry:

2-year-old boy becomes Egypt’s 26th case with deadly bird flu strain

A two-year old Egyptian boy contracted the potentially deadly bird flu strain, bringing to 26 the number of people to be diagnosed with the disease since it appeared in the country last year, the Health Ministry said Monday. Youssef Mohammed Mahmoud from the southern city of Aswan was admitted to a hospital there on Friday, suffering from fever and muscle pain, ministry spokesman Abdel Rahman Shahine told the state news agency, MENA. Mahmoud tested positive for the H5N1 strain of bird flu, MENA said, adding that the child’s family raises chickens in their home.

Also today, 19 March 2007, we have the Avian influenza – situation in Egypt – update 9 from the World Health Organisation. This UPDATE from the WHO tells us that there have only been 25 infected people in Egypt to date! It mentions the last person to be infected with the H5N1 in Egypt as the 10-year-old girl from Aswan Govermorate, was admitted to hospital with symptoms on 13 March 6 DAYS AGO!!!

No wonder the WHO is getting less relevant each day as the source of information related to the Bird Flu virus!

Here is the WHO “Update”:

WHO – Avian influenza – situation in Egypt – update 9 – 19 March 2007

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has announced a new human case of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection. The case was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratory and by the US Naval Medical Research Unit No.3 (NAMRU-3).The 10-year-old girl from Aswan Governorate, was admitted to hospital with symptoms on 13 March and her condition remains stable. Investigations indicate that she had recently been exposed to sick poultry. Contacts of the girl are being kept under observation. Of the 25 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 13 have been fatal.


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