Vaccine no protection from BIRD FLU!

There have always been many objections to the practice of mass vaccination of poultry against H5N1 and other viruses, including the fact that vaccination can mask the onset of infection in poultry.

Now it seems that even the idea of some kind of a perceived protection from the H5N1virus is not true, as reported by Caroline Lovell, writing for the Farmers Weekly Interactive.

Here is the full article:

Vaccinated flocks infected by avian flu 19/03/2007 12:40:00 Farmers Weekly Interactive

Egyptian poultry flocks have tested positive to H5N1 avian flu despite being vaccinated against the virus, reported Reuters this month.According to an animal health official, who remained anonymous, 12 different locations in Egypt have had outbreaks in vaccinated flocks in 2007.The official said: “We have outbreaks in vaccinated chickens in many places.  This puts a question mark on vaccination procedures.  It is dangerous.”

The official blamed the outbreaks – on poultry units and in household flocks of chickens and ducks – on inadequate inoculation procedures instead of a resistance to the vaccination.  by Caroline Lovell


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