Turkish Boy Dies Of Bird Flu AGAIN!

 Jan Tincher, who is apparently a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer writes a blog about AVIAN BIRD FLU.

Yesterday, the blog had the following headline:

Sunday, March 18, 2007Avian Bird Flu – wcco.com –

Turkish Youths Die Of Bird Flu —Health Officials Fear Case Point To Possible Pandemic–

A Turkish teenager whose brother died of bird flu also succumbed to the disease … was believed to have been brought by birds migrating from the Caucasus regions. …

The contributors to this blog run several Bird Flu sites, including the largest News and blog site on the web.

ALL of the Bird Flu related news passes through our desk each day and I knew of no such Turkish casualty.

So logged in to the blog to find that the headline was about a story back in Jan of this year (Jan 5, 2006 )! 

How and why do these bloggers do this?

Is there blogging on an auto drive?

Does the Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer not look at the blog, that has her name and photo spread all over it?

It wastes so much time for those of us, who have to sift through all the rubbish to bring only the 100% relevant blogs on to our site!

Please Ms Tincher do take an occasional look at what you are publishing.

Those of you who like their news three months old can go to:http://tameyourbrain.com/blogabf/2007/03/avian-bird-flu-wccocom-turkish-youths.html


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