Great Chinese fill-out-the-form defence against the Bird Flu!

Came across this really interesting blog from Jared Beard, an expat living in Hong Kong, who has to frequently travel to the mainland China.

It tells of the Great Chinese Bbureaucratic Defence against the Bird Flu.

Apparently, foreigners entering China have to complete a form declaring that they do not have the Bird Flu!

Only foreigners have to do this.

Chinese citizens do not need to declare their Bird Flu status.

This is so funny in so many ways.

So here is China, which is said to be not only the original source of the current H5N1 virus, but also one of the major Bird Flu hot spots in the world, pretending that it is the “foreigners” who are likely to introduce the Bird Flu in to China!

Well as Jared Beard points out, at the very least the form filling provides jobs for two collectors and stackers of forms :).

Here is the blog post from Jared


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