Brit Wildfowlers fight the Bird Flu!

Bernard Matthews the Brit Turkey Factory “farmer”  has launched an ad campaign to rebuild his reputation and that of his brand, after the bird flu outbreak at his Turkey Factory.

He can certainly afford to do this as the British tax payer has just been forced to pay him almost £700,000- for er.. compensation for er… having had to kill his infected Turkeys.

The fact that tons of his Tukey meat managed to enter the Brit food chain was unfortunate and obviously not his fault.

If there was an exact opposite of Bernard Matthews in the trade, it would be the British wildfowlers.

A team of 100 wildfowlers, who are all members of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)  have been helping to keep out the Bird Flu from the country.

If you think that wildfowlers who shoot birds for sport are no better and may be worse than keeper of a Turkey Factory “Farm” then here is part of their code:

The Wildfowler’s Obligations
Always remember that your main quarry, wild geese and ducks, are largely migrant and we have a responsibility to safeguard them and their environment. Always remember that others judge the sport by your behaviour.

Hmmmm, if I were a Turkey, I would take my chances with the wioldfowlers any day, rather than be kept in a dark and windowless factory with hardly space to move around.


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