Australian Scientists Exposed to deadly bird flu Virus

THREE scientists have been exposed to bird flu in a safety suit bungle at Geelong’s animal health laboratory, in the State of Victoria in Australia.

The CSIRO scientists had infected live ducks with the H5N1 strain of bird flu before killing them to assess the impact of the virus.

Almost as if this was the result of the above “bad Karma” of infecting those poor ducks, the scientists found that they had failed to reactivate air filters in their specially designed suits, increasing their risk of exposure to the deadly virus.

The trio were immediately removed from the laboratory and taken away for testing and treatment.

Department of Human Services spokesman Bram Alexander said the trio’s health would be monitored and that the general public had nothing to worry about.

“Their health will be monitored as a precaution and the important thing is that there is no wider public health issue with this,” Mr Alexander said.

“This is not a strain that is easily transferrable human-to-human. The experiment has occurred in a closed laboratory, where the strain cannot get out into the environment, and the circumstances are an issue for the CSIRO to look at.”

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