Of Bird Flu, Vietnam and the 1st of March!

Bui Ba Bong, the deputy minister of agriculture and rural development for the Government of  Vietnam has announced, that as of tomorrow, First of March, farmers are permitted to resume hatching and raising water fowl nationwide, including ducks, geese and swans.

The ban on the above activities was placed in Vietnam almost three years ago, after the bird flu epidemic was discovered in Vietnam’s poultry in early 2004.

The ban has been lifted, even though some officials have warned the local authorities in northern regions of Vietnam, to stay on full alert as the area is experiencing cold, wet weather – favorable conditions for bird flu to re-emerge.

What I would really like to know though, is the following.

Did the date selected for the resumption of hatching and raising water fowl by the Government of Vietnam, have any thing to do with the fact that the 1st of March is also the beginning of the Bird Migration season?

See this From Dow Jones Newswires:

“the Nordic countries will raise the risk level regarding bird flu outbreaks to medium as of March 1, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration said Wednesday.  The raised risk level is due to the start of the migration season, which last year brought with it infected birds to the region.”

Could it be that Bird Flu experts in Vietnam did not know the significance of this date?

Are there any conspiracy theorists who would like to tell us what this could be all about?

Disclaimer- The above post is only half serious and could well include an attempt at a bit of humor- well a kind of humor any way.


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