Source of the Bird-Flu in UK not found but “investigation Complete”!

The British Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said in a press statement today, that it has completed the first stage of it’s investigation in the outbreak of Bird Flu in Suffolk .

This is apparently so, even though the statement from the Brit agency does not provide any clue as to the cause of the outbreak of the Bird Flu.

Our UK reporter tried to speak to the EPA today but was told that there was no one who could help him at the time.  

The Agency alongside local NHS public health colleagues, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Bernard Matthews has offered antiviral drugs to 480 people and 310 of those have so far received seasonal flu vaccination.

The local Health Protection Unit continues to monitor the situation locally working together with Defra and Bernard Matthews.

As a precautionary measure only a small number of workers who are involved in the cleaning and decontamination process are continuing to take antiviral medications.

The Agency has carried out testing on a total of six people who developed flu like symptoms. Three of these people met the Agency’s criteria for testing and three others were tested as a precautionary measure. All six patients tested negative for avian flu, and received appropriate medical care.

Dr Jonathan Van Tam , a flu expert at the Agency, said : “The risk of any workers testing positive for avian flu has been and remains very low as they have followed all the necessary precautions in terms of protective clothing and hygiene measures, and have been offered antiviral drugs.”

The Agency also concluded that the risk to food processing workers and other personnel working in around the food processing plant as being very low and as a result they didn’t require any antiviral treatment.


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