Bird Flu and the dangerous Warrington Parrots!

In a news item reminiscent of Monty Python, a number of school kids, on their half term break faced disappointment today, at the Museum in Warrington, England, says a report from the Warrington Guardian.

The Museum in Warrington, (a town roughly between Liverpool and Manchester) was due to play host for talk on birds and parrots, as part of the half-term activities, by the expert Jim Buttery. 

But Jim Buttery’s talk on birds and parrots had to be cancelled, because of a nationwide ban on the non-essential travel of the animals, after the outbreak of bird flu on a turkey farm in Suffolk.

Janice Hayes, museum manager, said: “This was a DEFRA-issued order against the unnecessary movement of birds.”

However, the show did go on and in the absence of the real thing, youngsters made their own parrots. (Wooden Parrots?)

At the recent H5N1 outbreak at the massive Bernard Matthews factory farm, infected turkey meat shipped in from the company’s factory farms in Hungary is thought to be the original source of the disease, according to British officials.

Government reports have blamed “Factory Farming” of poultry for the bird flu in the UK, clearing the wild birds as a possible source for the virus.

Many questions regarding the company’s operations are still to be answered, yet the British Government has allowed the Factory Farm to reopen within a worryingly short period of time of the outbreak!

So it seems a bit strange, that DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) is concerned about “the unnecessary movement of birds” to a local museum, while tons of potentially infected meat is being allowed to be imported by some poultry factory farms!!



One Response

  1. You sure are right BFNF.

    Some think that DEFRA should now be known as DUFRA!

    The local free range farms are now forced to keep their poltry in closed enclosures causing all kinds of stress for the birds and God knows what else.

    While meat from a country known to have the H5N1 rampant in its poultry is allowed to be imported!

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