“Nyet!” Says Russia, “We have no Humans infected by the Bird Flu Virus”

Yesterday, Tuesday (20.02.2007),  the chief sanitary inspector for Moscow Region, Olga Gavrilenko, told the press, that there were neither registered nor suspected cases of bird flu among humans in Moscow Region.

Very strange indeed!

That is because earlier today, Wednesday (21.02.2007) 11:56 (Mascow Time) a headline from the MOS NEWS screamed:

 “Russian Man in Hospital With Suspected Bird Flu”

According to the news item:

A 43-year old Russian farmer has been taken to hospital after possibly contracting bird flu, Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper said that the man together with his mother purchased a turkey at a Moscow market on February 13 and took it to his farm near the town of Ramenskoye, about 40 kilometers South-East of the Russian Capital.

On February 17 the bird suddenly died and after that, other birds on the farm started dying every day.On Tuesday morning, the farmer discovered that all his geese were dead and called the veterinarian service. Immediately after that he felt feverish and called an ambulance.

The doctors took the farmer and his mother to hospital and veterinarians sealed off and disinfected the farm and the surrounding area.
The farmer’s mother was released from hospital after tests and the man himself remains in contagious diseases section with suspected bird flu diagnosis.Almost all countries are likely to either try to ignore or to deny any human infections resulting from the H5N1 virus, if they can get away with it.

It is of course easy to understand as why that is so.

The economic and the political consequences of human Bird Flu infection, let alone human fatalities, can be devastating for any country.

Still it does not feels right some how that in the 21st century, with the so called global connectivity, we can still be kept in the dark by the powers-that-be.


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