No Bird Flu Cover-Up at Bernard Matthews Turkey Factory

The UK TV channel ITN, in a brilliant bit of reporting from “the centre of the bird flu virus in Hungary” has shown us all the horrendous conditions that still prevail out there.

The report shows that Bernard Matthews had been importing turkey meat from Hungary, which could have been processed at a unit right next to the Bird Flu infested area in Hungary.

The “EXPERTS” apparently still do not know, as to how the lethal H5N1 virus, an almost identical strain to the infection found in geese in Hungary, arrived in the UK.

Bernard Matthews, who had his Royal Honour from the Queen “postponed” recently, insists that there has been no cover up of any kind at his company. 

“There has been absolutely no cover up at our end. I have been upset about allegations that we may have withheld information. That is completely untrue,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

He is right about that. 

There sure was no cover up of any kind what so ever for the bits of left-over turkey meat arond his turkey sheds!

There was NO COVERS USED for the torn Poly-thene bags, containing meat products and residual liquids at his factory. The leftover bits of the imported meat were apparently left in the open air by Bernard Matthews, right next to its turkey rearing sheds.

Pest control reports on January 10 and January 24 noted that gulls were carrying meat scraps half a kilometre away and then roosting on the top of the farm sheds. Poly-thene bags containing meat products and residual liquids were also thrown into the open bins and were easily blown across the site. Birds or rats may also have infected wood shavings that are stored outdoors and used to refresh bedding inside the sheds.

In an amazing decision by the UK Government, despite the mystery over the virus transmission and bio security lapses on the farm, Bernard Matthews has been allowed to resume operations!

To make things even more confusing, a spokeswoman at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs confirmed that investigations were continuing with a view to possible prosecution.


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