Will the Strong-Arm-of-the-Law, protect the Brits, from the Bird Flu?

Two interesting bits of news items, on the same day, relating to the growing Bird Flu virus around the world.

1. In the first of these reports from the BBC, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Inspectors, saw gulls feeding on waste (turkey meat) left in uncovered bins and buildings.

There were holes big enough for rats, in the walls of the sheds, at the Turkey “farm” at the Bernard Matthews factory in the UK.

This is not the first time for problems at the Bernard Matthews factory however. 

Apparently the Meat Hygiene Service records for the past year show, that the staff at Bernard Matthews were verbally warned about problems and “non-compliance with regulations” on a number of occasions, prior to the outbreak of bird flu last month. 

2. In the second report, from ASAHI SHIMBUN, a Japanese Newspaper, it is suggested that rats spread the recent outbreaks of avian flu at four farms in Miyazaki and Okayama prefectures, after the H5N1 virus strain was brought over by migratory birds from China. “It’s possible that small rodents, such as rats, carried the virus into the chicken coops,” said Toshihiro Ito, a professor of veterinary microbiology at Tottori University who chairs the team of specialists.

Could these two reports, point to a solution to the still unsolved mystery of the Bird Flu, at the Hellish Bernard Matthews turkey “farm”? 

If so, could David (Strong Arm of the Law) Miliband please finally take action against this company?


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