No Risk Of Bird Flu… if meat is cooked VERY VERY thoroughly & hands are washed after handling raw poultry!!!!!.

The Chief UK government scientific adviser Professor Sir David King said that there was no risk of the Bird Flu virus for humans, as long as the meat was properly cooked. 

At the same time, Sir David admitted that turkey products might now have to be withdrawn from the shops to stop the disease spreading to other animals. He said that the contaminated meat from a Bernard Matthews factory in Suffolk might have reached supermarkets before the virus was identified there last week. Sir David also warned that the H5N1 virus at a farm in Suffolk could infect other birds or animals, if they came into contact with meat from infected poultry.He suggested raw turkey meat should be recalled as a precaution to halt the spread of the disease.

Supermarket giant Tesco confirmed yesterday that some of the turkey it sold under its own brand name came from Bernard Matthews in Hungary, while Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s said some of their own-brand products came from the Suffolk factory.

Sir David also said that there was a danger of infected raw meat, such as fat and skin, could be thrown out only to be eaten by wild birds, which could then spread the disease to poultry farms.


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