The Chicken Roundabout in the Bird Flu afflicted English Shire!

Well within the 10 Kilometer restricted zone, ordered by DEFRA around the Bernard Matthews farm at Suffolk UK, the local farmers are openly ignoring the DEFRA orders, to keep all of the poultry inside of an enclosed and secure space.

 In several of the near by farms, chickens could be seen out side, in the open, along with wild birds. There was obviously no policy of keeping the birds in side as directed by DEFRA.

The most astonishing thing however, was the “dumping areas” for the unwanted poultry!

Apparently, it is the local custom to simply drop off any of the chickens and other poultry that is not wanted (why not wanted? are these birds sick?) by the local farmers, at a number of “designated spots” which are evidently being used by most of the farmers in that area.

The most well known of these apparently, is called “The Chicken Roundabout”!

Approximately 50 to 60 roosters and hens were seen roaming around at the said Chicken Roundabout.

These birds did not look ill in any way and we even saw a one bird fighting with a rival bird, aggressively trying to snatch, what was no doubt a juicy bit of some thing or the other.

However there was one dead chicken on the side walk nearby.

The farmers of the English shires, were of course the model for the uber relaxed Hobbits, created by J.R.R.Tolkien.

They famously do not like adventures, as adventures make one late for tea.

I would put the cup of tea down now though, as me thinks that the Ring Wraiths could well be on their way to the Shires of England.


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